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Elle-Hime's Journal

♥ Where I do my selling on LJ! ♥

Name: Rochelle, responds to "Elle", goes by Elle-Hime on most sites.
Jung Personality Type: INFJ
Base of Operations: Small town in Pennsylvania.
Status: Parasite single.
Languages: English, wanting to learn Japanese.
Appearance: Genetically fortunate. Short, petite, fair skin, blue eyes, natural brunette & light pink hair.
Pets: A cat, a fantail betta.
Spends time: Reading, studying, daydreaming, cleaning, designing, wearing fun clothing, singing.
Likes to make: People smile. Also clothes, accessories, jewelry, phone cases, yummy food.
Collects: Long socks, bows, Asian stationery, My Little Ponies, shoes.
Listens to: Alternative rock, techno-ish music, electronica, dance music, Japanese pop, good advice.
Watches: Some movies, some cartoons, TV only in passing.
Favorite Colors: Pink is probably the favorite. And silver is the best metallic color!
Favorite Foods: Fresh fruits and veggies, seafood, strawberry shortcake, angel food cake, pasta.
Favorite Chocolate: White!
Favorite Drinks: Water~ soymilk, unsweetened grapefruit juice
Allergies: Bug bites. Sensitive to egg yolks.
Enjoys: Spending time with close friends, helping others, dressing up, shopping, making things.
Dislikes: Obnoxious people, immorality, cursing, violence, spicy food, stupid animals, harsh sunlight.
Quirks: Dyslexic, asthmatic, dehydrates easily.

Hi!  My name is Rochelle, I'm older than I look, and usually don't bother with posting stuff about my life Online for the world to see!  Life keeps me way too busy with spiritual activities (what keeps me going), work (the necessary evil), family (that I'm thankful for), hobbies (my creative outlet) and friends (I have the best)!  However, I like to share interesting, helpful things - it's what the Internet is for, after all!

As for my interests... I have SO many!  I'd be the girl with 1,000 hobbies if I didn't restrain myself.  I figure I can concentrate on a few at a time and take on more as I master others, right?  So for now most of my hobbies are fashion related...  My Mother taught me how to sew, and I enjoy making pretty clothes.  I also enjoy creating jewelry and little accessories, and one of my more recent passions is the perfect combination of technology and sparkles - decoden!  Yes, a lot of my hobbies to have a Japanese slant to them.

I love dressing up and playing with make-up, but I'm not very good at doing my long hair (so clean and simple works best for me)!  My personal style doesn't really follow any trends, instead I pick whatever I like best out of all sorts of styles, and put them together into what looks good to me.  I dressed in Japanese lolita fashion for a few years and really enjoyed it, but now I'm more lolita-inspired, as the whole thing got a little too cookie-cutter for me.  I enjoy fluffy skirts, awesome shoes, long socks & tights.  I have a bow in my hair 98% of the time.

Here on LiveJournal I enjoy helpful communities, and the sales!  Shopping is always fun, right?  My journal here is mainly for sales now, and I really appreciate all my wonderful buyers.  I do my best to give people the kind of service I want when I'm making a purchase!

Go right ahead and add me as a friend if you want to.  As I rule I don't add people unless I truly know them, though.  ^-^'  As for communication, I can be reached by PM, or just leave a comment - I'll see it!